"AVTOMATIKA-VEKTOR" company was organized by a group of engineers and programmers who have hundreds of completed projects, located from Khabarovsk and Yakutia till the Baltic countries and Germany.

The main area of ​​our business - is the development and implementation of high-tech projects for industrial automation systems and bookkeeping in the forestry industry. The rich arsenal of means, highly qualified personnel allow us to confidently take up the implementation of the most complex projects successfully competing with world leading companies in the industry. Staff training in the workplace and operational support for users in the operation give us additional advantages in the market.

The reliability and functionality of our manufactured automated systems allow customers to our company to minimize downtime and the associated non-production costs, and the accuracy and durability of the measuring equipment to reduce the consumption of raw materials and optimize the management of the company. All of this allows us to say with confidence - our product meets the latest requirements.



Novgorodsky prospekt, 32, building 4,
Arkhangelsk, Russia, 163002

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