Classen Apparatebau  Wiesloch  GmbH (CAW) is a global operating and leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial combustors, thermal incinerators / oxidizers and high temperature process heating systems.


The majority of the systems are operated by applying special organic thermal fluids which offer significant benefits, mostly a broad temperature application range and up to 350 °C an operation without significant vapor pressures. For temperatures up to 400 °C, special heat transfer oils are required which are often also used in vapor phase. For extreme feed line temperatures of up to 600 °C molten salts are applied – these are binary and tertiary blends of KNO3, NaNO2 and NaNO3.

CAW designs and fabricates gaseous, liquid and solid waste incinerators as well as their own solid fuel firing systems with the related combustion chambers for the thermal utilization of all the wood waste arising from the wood industries such as particle board, MDF/HDF, OSB, veneer, LVL and plywood production as well as with the thermal utilization of any biomass in general.

The state-of-the-art reciprocating grate firing system – gross firing capacity ranges from 3,500 up to 35,000 kW as single-line systems, duplex grates can be installed inside the combustion chambers in order to reach capacities up to 60,000 kW – has successfully proven to be a very versatile and absolutely reliable solution. It is in particular very tolerant to a broad variety of fuel qualities in terms of size and physical moisture content and performs excellent burnout and minimum emissions.

CAW continuously optimize combustion parameters, apply low-NOX firing systems, Economizers and combustion air pre-heaters. CAW built the world’s largest biomass-fired thermal fluid heater systems for de-central power stations based on the ORC-process, the latest is a single large system that will generate 31.5 MW of thermal oil for a 8.5 MWel ORC gen-set!

The scope of supply and services ranges from pre-contractual engineering and feasibility studies through single plant components and up to turn-key energy centers. The KONTAKTOMAT-thermal oil heaters are designed, fabricated, equipped and tested according to the applicable German / European standards and guidelines. In addition, CAW fabricate according to the ASME-Code as well as according to the ML-requirements of China. Moreover, CAW holds long-term licenses for the delivery of thermal oil heater systems on to the territory of the Russian Federation, Belorussia, Kazakhstan.

All CAW installations are highly customized and built to suit, based on comprehensive concept development hand-in-hand with the client. They are usually installed with the client actively participating in this process but under the full supervision of CAW's field engineers and specialists. This includes the thorough training of the client's staff not only throughout the installation phase but especially during commissioning and fine tuning.


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