FinScan Oy is a privately owned Finnish technology company, which manufactures automated grading systems for the sawmill industry. Our operations are global, and we have already over 400 reference installations in 19 countries.

The founders of our company started the development of automated products already in the 1970s. FinScan Oy was founded in 1988, and the company became rapidly the leading supplier of automated sorting lines. Our products are used both in green and final sorting in small and large sawmills. We have also delivered systems for the plywood industry.

Our company, located in Espoo, Finland, employs 13 professionals taking care of product development, customer service, and marketing. Our subcontractor network provides our key components, and ourselves we take care of the testing and the final assembly of our products. Our marketing and service partner networks cover all significant markets.

A customer oriented product development, combined with a solid knowledge of applications and technology, has enabled our successful business. In our products we utilize diversely machine vision, laser, and microwave technologies combined with intelligent software. Our product development is based on close co-operation with our customers and partners.


FinScan Oy

POB 125
FI-02 201 Espoo
Tel. +358 10 208 5501