Indexator Rotator Systems AB


Indexator Rotator Systems AB is a world-leading manufacturer of rotators and now sells to more than 40 markets all over the world. 

We invest significant resources in product development and work closely with the world's leading manufacturers of base machines and equipment, including for forestry, material handling, recycling and transport. We have concentrated all our knowledge, resources and experience in our development and production facility in Vindeln, approximately 45 minutes northwest of Umeå, Sweden.

Quality is an important guiding principle for us at Indexator Rotator Systems. With our leading-edge expertise, experience and modern production facilities, we can guarantee that every constituent component and the finished product achieve a high level of quality. All our products are individually tested to ensure that we always supply reliable, precision-made products. Below are a few examples of why our customers all over the world feel secure and satisfied with products from Indexator Rotator Systems.