Product range:

  • Green sorting lines
  • Dry sorting lines
  • Stackers
  • Stick handling and package lines

Renholmen is one of the leading companies in Europe for lumber handling equipment. The headquarter is in Byske, north of Sweden, and there are also offices in Sweden, Finland and Russia.

Through mechanical knowledge and advanced engineering in all aspects of the project, Renholmen designs and supplies separate equipment units and lines on the turn-key basis in the following fields: green sorting, dry sorting and stackers, packaging lines and sticker handling.

Renholmen AB started in 1952 and is part of the ARA Technology Group owned by Storskogen AB.


Products for profits

Renholmen´s ability to find optimal solutions for lumber handling is well known in many countries all over the world. We offer solutions for sawmills with various volumes of production. Reliable constructive solutions guarantee equipment endurance, and our customers know that their investments in Renholmen equipment will bring profits for a long time.

In order to meet modern production requirements for future development, the company is constantly working on new technical solutions with high technical level based on reliable innovative technical solutions. The result is top of the line machines and gives our customers a unique advantage.

One of the latest examples is our Flexicut – equipment being at the forefront of development as far as trimming goes. Our complex sorting systems include trimmers (multi saw cross-cutting machines) and adjustable fences. Feeders, vertical and horizontal bins for timber are other examples of reliable an efficient equipment being a part of a wide range of Renholmen products.

Service, upgrades and spare parts for old machines

Many of Renholmen's early deliveries are still in production and even today there are full-scale materials available for these machines. The company still provides service and spare parts even though the machines are from the early 1980s.

Over the years there have been many upgrades of Renholmen's standard machines that are available. The upgrades can be of great help to increase production, accessibility and to minimize downtime.

Reliable supplier and engaged partner

Wealways strive for ideal solutions for our customers. Good service, great results and a trustful relationship often leads to long-term cooperation’s. Many years of experience in the sawmill industry makes us understand the needs of our customers. We communicate in many languages.

Renholmenoffers a wide range of machinery and solutions in the product area of green- and dry sorting plants. Over the years, the company have installed most systems available on the market.

Additional information about technical solutions, products and services is available on our website www.renholmen.se/ru

Green sorting

We offer a wide range of machinery and solutions in the product area of green sorting. Our buffer solution has been built into plants both new and existing, with great success.

The cutting system is one of our strongest products and can produce varying lengths of the material and is available in different capacity levels.

The bin section consists of an optional number of lowering-sink bins or trays, depending on the requirements for careful handling and capacity needs. Renholmen's sticker-stacker builds consistently stable and quality packets for the drying process that follows.

Renholmen also incorporates all kinds of camera systems adapted to support existing camera systems on the market. All scanning systems are available.                                          

Dry sorting

Our tilt hoist, often equipped with an assisting elevator, are stable with a minimum packet turnover time.

The stick receiver with truck stick handling has also undergone a change in generation in which the truck sticks are separated from the drying sticks in an efficient manner.

The sorting section most frequently consists of some form of automatic sorting.To gain the maximum benefit from the automatic sorting a cutting system is needed, which is able to precisely and quickly carry out the cutting orders from the systems. The cutting system is one of our very strongest products and can produce varying lengths of the pieces, and if necessary, at the highest possible speeds. The bin section consists of an optional number of lowering-sink bins or flat trays, depending on the requirements for careful handling and capacity needs.

Renholmen's stacker exists for different capacity levels and currently has the market's fastest stacker in the form of the Triple-stacker. The packeting line is adjusted according to the customers' different conditions and requirements.

Ongoing project

Every year, Renholmen implements about 20 projects, both big and small project. To name a few of the ongoing larger projects; Metsä Fiber Rauma Sawmill in Finland has ordered two green sorting lines and Sticker Stackers and the Finnish sawmill in Kuhmo will upgrade the green sorting. To Nidarå in Norway is a green sorting being delivered and Domsjösågen, Högland, in Sweden will receive an upgrade of the dry sorting and a new Triple Stacker. Setra Hasselfors´ new dry sorter planning line is being completed with about 150 machines from Renholmen.

Karelia Wood Company, Kostomuksha

  • Rebuilding Green Sorting, 2011
  • Sticker stacker, 2008

Shenkursk Processing Plant LLC, Arkhangelsk

  • Rebuilding Green Sorting, 2011


  • Sticker Stacker and Green sorting moved from Parkano
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