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10 000th PONSSE forest machine manufactured at PONSSE factory

30 January 2015

Ponsse Plc has manufactured 10,000 PONSSE forest machines at its Vieremä factory. Established in a small village workshop, the family company has become one of the world's biggest forest machine manufacturers. This year, Ponsse celebrates its 45th anniversary.

The PONSSE forest machine number 10,000 will be delivered to Karttulan Metsätyö Oy, a long-standing customer of Ponsse. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Karttulan Metsätyö started operating in 1990 using the yellow-green Ponsse S15 forwarder and Norcar H600 multi-process machine. Currently, the company has six harvesters, three forwarders, and two Dual machines, as well as an excavator and two lowboy trailers. The PONSSE Fox delivered now is the company's 30th PONSSE machine.


Source: PONSSE