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Arkhangelsk region - a turn to biofuel

17 May 2010

Four Hekotek boiler houses are to be launched in the Arkhangelsk region by the next heating season. They will burn eco-friendly locally-produced fuel – wooden pellets produced by the local sawmill – Lesozavod 25.

The new boiler houses will be constructed in the villages, which during the recent winters used to have severe heating problems.

The newly built boiler houses from Hekotek are to be completely automated providing the possibility to regulate their operating parameters via Internet. Capacity of the 10 boilers included into the delivery will make up 0.7 – 1.5 MWt. Pellet storage silos are meant for at least 2 weeks fuel reserve. 

Wooden pellets – popular eco-friendly type of fuel recognized and approved in Europe and northern countries gaining great support from the state side. So far Russian pellets producers only exported the ready fuel. This launch of boiler houses will ensure local utilization of at least 30% of the current pellets volume produced by Lesozavod 25. In the future it is planned to increase both pellet production capacity of the sawmill and the local demand volume. Thus, in the name of the Arkhangelsk region Russia has made a significant step towards green energy production and use.