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BRUKS to deliver machinery for sawmill in Komi

23 March 2010

White Sea ltd (Cyprus) is being constructed in Kazluk (Komi Republic) – annual capacity making up 120 thousand cubic meters of sawn timber.

Assembling and start-up works alredy started in February 2010. Sawmilling production is to be put into operation in June 2010 with market products manufacture to start in December 2010. Structures for timber house construction from glued logs and panels will be produced starting from 2010-2011 with pellet production to be launched in 2011-2012.

Total investment volume amounts to 502 mln RUR (over 11 mln EUR) with period of recoupment making up to 7 years.

Moreover, September 2009 the project received the status of priority.

The machinery is supplied by Jartek. However, BRUKS won the right to deliver machinery for ground floor, including conveyors, seedling and ROTOM chipper for chip preparation.“The project performs a typical reliable sawmilling on the base of the Finnish sawing machinery. It is not an experiment, the stake is made on continuous plant operation within many years due to reliable machinery, including the “ground floor”, says Vladimir Osipov, BRUKS sales and marketing manager.

BRUKS is also to provide assembling process coordinator and personnel training.