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Edging Technologies to Keep Their Positions

28 March 2013

Most of modern sawmills have selected edging technology when looking for highest possible yield. Taking sideboard output into consideration there is an opinion that optimized edging is more effective compared with profiling – with handling of each board ensuring more precise measuring. 

Edger allows getting unlimited amount of sideboards from each log. Today band saw connected to edger is the only alternative for sawing logs of big diameter. Edger could be equipped with additional 1-2 rip saws for sawing wide boards into narrow ones.  Through-and-through sawingalsorequiresedger. Thus, edgerpresentsanall-purposesystem.

In HEINOLA we have many different combinations for building edging lines. There can be manned or unmanned, scanner with Geometrical scanning or with Vision system and Edger saw can be equipped with 2 or more saw blades. Edger capacities start`s from 10 pcs/min and ending up even 70 pcs/min.

The constant R&D ensures further improvements to the system: the newest components are used and the optimization software further developed. The line speed is higher than earlier and the functions more precise. Capacities up to one board per second can be achieved, while the yield still reaches the level of 99 %. The versatile and flexible solutions based on HEINOLA know-how and experience are adjusted to fit in the customer’s operational environment.

Edger can be installed also to existing sawmill, because it is equipped with integrated HEINOLA automation.


The edger optimizer of Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc. is based on the well-known and reliable design of ASY600. Dozens of these machines are in use in sawmills all over the world.

The basic idea is that centering, acceleration, scanning and edging all take place on the same straight line, without any transverse movements of the board between scanning and edging. The edger optimizer mechanics has been designed so that it can be equipped with either one- or two-sided profile or quality scanner with either lengthwise or transverse scanning.

The new HEINOLA ASY800 edger optimizer enables effective and flexible solutions according to the customer’s needs and the sawmill layout requirements.

Skew cutting

Each skew cutting solution is made by HEINOLA specialists according to the customer’s need.

Often the best board position for maximal yield is not exactly parallel to the in-feed line. Therefore, the HEINOLA edger optimizer computer controls the saws before and during the sawing. The saws can be moved sideways, but the distance between the saws remains the same. This skew cutting method is a unique feature, which increases the yield to the maximum. The indefinite setting of the saws also allows non-traditional edging, like edging along the chosen edge line.

Some of HEINOLA edgers have 3D vision system which gives better value yieldcompare to geometrical scanning. For new deliveries we offer transverse scanning.

Maximum out of log? HEINOLA solution!

HEINOLA edgers consist of modules. By combining these modules edger optimizers are suitable for different sawing solutions. The optimum yield is achieved by advanced scanning and automation system as well as precise mechanical edging equipment.

If sawmills thesis is “More out of Log”, then best solution is HEINOLA band saws with curve sawing and edgers. In our experience we achieve 1 mm / piece more sawn timber at sawing pattern compare to circular saws. So when taking 12 pieces from log, we achieve 12 mm more sawn timber out from log, and that is almost one side board. Also if chip quality is important, band saw combined with edger gives better result than profiling circular sawline. That is why you can be sure: HEINOLA – always the right solution!