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Launching the new HEINOLA Scala circular sawlines

27 September 2012

Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc. launched its new Scala sawline range at the Wood Products and Technology exhibition in Gothenburg, Sweden. The new modular and order-based sawline range adapts to changing market conditions. The HEINOLA Scala 100, 250 and 400 ranges include new types of line with the capacity to saw the specified output annually.

The Scala range relies on its competitive adaptability in different markets and changing market conditions. Special attention has been paid to the usage ratio of sawn timber, and the Scala sawlines offer more powerful, flexible and trouble-free operations than traditional sawlines.

The main features of the Scala range are a competitive yield, new technological solutions, its modular structure and quick commissioning. Thanks to the modular structure, a Scala sawline can be delivered in just six months, and the line is immediately ready for production. It only takes 10 weeks from commissioning to increase production to a 90% level.

HEINOLA's Managing Director Kari Kiiskinen says that the company has managed to reduce delivery times by standardizing a significant part of the mechanisms in the main machines and by focusing on reliable start-up and on program structures.
The capacity utilization rate for the Scala range is guaranteed to be a respectable 95%.

 A great deal of planning has been done at HEINOLA to ensure that its sawlines can be running constantly, and that failures can be anticipated and fixed quickly. Programme segments communicate with each other within the line and with the customer's programmes. Solutions for the most common failures have been created beforehand, and the programmes can solve most problems without any intervention from an operator.

In the event that operator intervention is required, the programme will show clear instructions on the monitor. Potential periods of downtime can be minimised this way, says Timo Juntunen, the Head of the Automation Department at HEINOLA.
The design of the Scala range also includes features such as user-friendliness, ecological aspects and addresses health and safety issues. The new design ensures that noise and dust levels can be controlled so they meet the current rigorous standards.

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