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Hekotek to launch a new sawmill in Krasnoyarsk area

25 February 2009

Hekotek, in co-operation with Finnish companies Valon Kone OY and Veisto OY has put into operation a new sawmill in Krasnoyarsk area, in Boguchani - Boguchanski LPK. The capacity of sawmill is to make up 150 000 m3 of ready sawn timber in year, i.e. about 4 000 logs in 2 shift operation.
Hekotek has delivered and installed at Boguchanski LPK log in feeding equipment with log turning device, conveyors for chips, sawdust and bark, as well as a combined sorting line, with 20 sorting pockets for green and dry sawn timber sorting. 
Wood pellet factory is to be delivered at Boguchanski LPK in the nearest future, which allows using side products from sawing process (sawdust and chips) for high-quality pellets production.