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John Deere Premiere : new skid steer loaders!

10 April 2017

Inspired by customers’ reviews and wishes, John Deere engineers have developed four new models of skid steer loaders. Basic models 312GR, 314G are designed for those who prefer simple and maneuverable machines, more complete models 316GR and 318G with a wide range of options will please the most demanding customers. Due to its compact size and maneuverability, the G-series loaders will be practically indispensable in narrow city streets, parks, warehouses and other compact areas.

Engine and cooling system

Economical diesel engines, that meet strict exhaust emission standards, demonstrate high power and torque, and provide simple and cost-effective operation. Reduced noise and economical fuel consumption are possible due to automatic engine function switching to idle speed.


Maximum torque and high values ​​of boom breaking force make it easy to work on clay soils, as well as quick bucket fill and soil moves. The increased load capacity is possible by models with a vertical boom - 314G, 318G. In turn, models with a radial lift boom 312GR, 316GR provide high productivity when excavating soil.

New Cab

John Deere upgraded the cabin and increased its space by 25%. Folding doors with large openings will facilitate entry into the cab and provide excellent view; you can see cutting edge and bucket angles, as well as front and back zones. Sealed keypad with keyless start functions and anti-theft system is available. Triple locking mechanism, that reacts to driver in the cab, minimize injury and ensures high safety.


Thanks to a wide attachments range, skid steer loaders from John Deere can replace other types of equipment without quality loss. Using a universal quick-release coupling Quik Tatch™ you can change bucket to forks in just a few seconds. All machines are equipped with powerful hydraulics, which allows you to manage various types of attachments. There is large selection of equipment for farming, landscapes, nurseries and greenhouses.

Service availability

Machine configuration provides easy access to the grease fitting, minimizing time and costs for maintenance. Access to transmission components now takes no more than five minutes. Transparent tanks and visual indicators allow operators to check levels of technical fluids. To use the transport lugs no more climbing under machine, because it’s built into boom housing and easily accessible.

‘We constantly work on our equipment quality; we make every effort to meet customers’ expectations. New series loaders - excellent confirmation of this. Despite its compact size, machines have great power and performance and will be nearly indispensable for redevelopment and road construction works. Thanks to low gravity center and competent weight distribution, skid steer loaders demonstrate exceptional maneuverability and stability when working on slopes’ - says Alexei Zhurkevich, John Deere product marketing manager.

Source: John Deere