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New John Deere L-series skidders change the game

29 October 2015

L-Series Skidders deliver more horsepower, stability, and grapple options — for the serious performance you need to stay on top of your game.
Durable drivetrain
A constant engine speed ensures superb multifunction performance and dependability. It also eliminates sudden surges and engine overspeed, reducing component wear and extending engine life. The 640L, 648L, and 748L feature high-performance 6.8L diesel engines, while the 848Land 948L run powerful 9.0L engines.
Tougher grapples
New grapple design features box-style tongs for maximum strength and harder wear surfaces for long life. Components are easier to access, simplifying service.
Outstanding axle durability
All L-Series models feature more robust heavy-duty axles. New pressurized continuous-lube system and independent axle flters further improve durability and extend life — up to 15,000 hours. Axle oil-pressure monitoring alerts the operator if a leak occurs.


Source: John Deere