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Popular harvesting head now even better

12 April 2013

Komatsu Forest's Komatsu 365 harvesting head offers the optimum combination of strength, flexibility, and reliability. The head is now available in a new version, the Komatsu 365.1, with refined measuring capability, traction, and stem handling.

The Komatsu 365.1 is an all-round head with a frame design that provides high net lifting force for the carrier. Net traction has also been further improved. Two feed rollers with an ingenious design mean that big trunks is centered and carried better than before. This also results in greater measurement accuracy. A new optional center roller is available. The new feed rollers on the Komatsu 365.1 even save fuel as the head can be operated with lower clamping pressure compared to previous roller models.

The head has four moving knives, designed to contribute to improved lifting capacity and stem handling. The new knives are cast for better durability. The knives also have a unique design that enables them to delimb in different orders, which improves delimbing on species that are notoriously difficult to delimb.

The new cast measuring wheel arm is not only more durable, it also contributes to increased measurement accuracy. The Komatsu 365.1 has, just like its predecessor the 365, an extra large tilt angle that facilitates work in steep terrain.

Continual improvement work on the Komatsu 365.1 has resulted in a large number of quality improvements, which together result in greater reliability and an even more effective harvesting head.