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New technology provides better visibility

3 April 2013

Komatsu Forest launches new LED headlights that entail a huge technological leap. LED headlights are ideal for forest machines as LED technology is particularly suited to professional use.

This modern technology has now found its way into headlights. LEDs, or light emitting diodes, are the next generation lighting technology that will replace xenon.

Komatsu's LED headlights provide rapid and strong lighting with low energy consumption. The color temperature of the lights is a full 5700 Kelvin, which is perceived as a great deal more powerful than xenon. What's more, despite the low energy consumption of just 43 watts they achieve a luminous flux of 3000 lumen.

LED technology is also considered highly reliable, which means LED headlights have a very long service life. The LED lighting uses diodes that are especially tolerant of vibrations and are enclosed in a sturdy casing. The headlight glass is made from a special polymer material with greater durability than standard glass while also exhibiting good heat dispersion properties.

The lights feature integrated thermal controls to protect against overheating, as well as voltage surge and reverse polarity protection. With these new LED headlights, Komatsu Forest takes another step in the greening of its products by offering an alternative to xenon lighting technology, which contains mercury.

LED lighting is an option on all new Komatsu forwarders as of March 1 and on harvesters 901TX.1, 911.5 and 931.1 as of September 1.