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Komatsu Forest: New reliable all-around head

27 December 2013

Komatsu Forest is now launching the Komatsu S132, a new reliable and versatile head developed for logging in the most difficult of forests. The key factors are the advantages provided by the head’s two-wheeled feed, along with fully automatic knife pressure that enables trunks to be rotated in the head regardless of trunk shape or how crooked they may be.

The Komatsu S132 can be equipped with three different feed roller types. Two are optimized for handling coniferous trees while the third model is designed for debarking broad-leaf trees. The rollers for coniferous trees are configured with V-set ribs to ensure good self-cleaning in keeping the rollers free from bark and wood residue. The feed roller for debarking is designed so that trunks can rotate for optimal debarking performance.

Komatsu_harvesting head.jpg

The new head has four moving delimbing knives, of which three are hydraulically controlled and the fourth is maneuvered with a sensor. The sensor affects the other delimbing knives' contact pressure against the trunk so that the trunk is pressed with sufficient force in the head (Flex Friction Control). The delimbing knife controller produces the lowest possible friction between the trunk and head. The trunk moves easily through the head and is pressed up against the frame under control. This minimizes friction and provides more power for delimbing, and at the same time, means lower energy consumption and excellent measurement accuracy.

The Komatsu S132 also has a fixed delimbing knife precisely above the saw box for delimbing trees with low-hanging limbs when contact is made.

The Komatsu S132 has a hydraulically powered chain saw unit. The saw unit can be equipped with either manual or automatic chain tensioning. The saw chain and saw bar are automatically lubricated by an oil pump during cutting.

The new Komatsu S132 is a reliable head with well-placed guards and hoods to protect components and hoses from damage. The head is also simple to maintain with easily accessible service points. Smart hose routing and ORFS couplings on nearly all hydraulic hoses reduce the risk for oil leakage and lower costs for hydraulic oil.

The Komatsu S132 is not only reliable. It is also very flexible. The head offers great versatility with options that range from saw units and feed rollers to length and diameter measuring. The Komatsu S132 can also be equipped for color-marking.


Source: Komatsu Forest