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Sawco news: ProLine: Control measurement after the primary machine

20 May 2009

A small centering or log turning error can cause big yield losses. This is a well known fact. To be aware that these errors occur and then to measuring and correcting them have been difficult. But now there is ProLine from Sawco. Continously and during operation, ProLine controls the log feed and the important settings for the sawing machines. If connected to Sawco’s log optimisation, considerations are also made to asymmetry, side shift and optimised log turning. Also, the log optimisation can be controlled and evaluated.

• Centering errors
• Log infeed angle
• Log turning errors
• Cant height
• Cant height dispersion
• Cant warp
• Warp dispersion
• Wobbling
• Mismatch 
ProLine can measure standing or lying down cants. When measuring standing cants, the measuring units are located above the cant and therefore protected from side boards and dirt. The camera units are the same as used in Sawco’s 3D scanner ProScan and the measurement control system ProCon. This means that the units can easily be replaced between the measuring stations, which will minimise production stops.