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Sawline inhereted from Plan-Sell?

10 April 2013

Such names as Ahlström, Plan-Sell and Valmet have been well known by different generations of Russian sawmillers since Soviet times. These companies as such don’t exist today; however, their experience and traditions are still alive being united under the name of HEINOLA SAWMILL MACHINERY since 1992.

HEINOLA was named after the town in Finland, where Plan-Sell was founded in 1960-s. HEINOLA grown from Ahlström, Plan-Sell and some other giant woodworking machinery builders of that time absorbed their valuable expertise and today offers the widest range of sawmilling machinery, including:

• sawlines

• edger optimizers

• green and dry sorters

• stick-stacking and packaging plants

• dryers

• automation for all the equipment supplied

• chippers

Today customers are planning their investments in sawmill technology to serve them for next ten-twenty years. These investments need always a lot of thinking to find the right production concept for the products and markets that can change their needs quite often during this period.  That is why today HEINOLA solutions are to be more effective, flexible and reliable than ever before.

Latest Developments

Beginning of 2013 Heinola Sawmill Machinery launched an entirely new range of circular sawlines. The new range called HEINOLA SL ensures high output of the raw material, high operating time, competitive adaptability for different markets, changing market conditions, as well as certain customers' needs.

HEINOLA SL sawlines can be adapted in different production levels and lines are called accordingly HEINOLA SL 100, HEINOLA SL 250 and HEINOLA SL 400.

The design starting point for the HEINOLA SL range was to improve timber utilization ratio. This came out in several market studies which were done and analyzed before the developing work round the new sawline started. New sawlines are more flexible, more efficient and experience fewer interruptions as compared to conventional sawlines.

Competitive features

The main features of the HEINOLA SL range are a competitive yield, its modular structure and quick commissioning. Thanks to its modular structure, a new sawline can be delivered and production starts in optimal circumstances within no more than six months. It only takes 10 weeks from commissioning for production to reach the 90% level. The capacity utilization rate for the HEINOLA SL range is guaranteed to be a respectable 95%.

heinola SL data sheet en.jpg

Supplier Comments

According to Kari Kiiskinen, HEINOLA Managing Director, HEINOLA managed to reduce delivery time due to standardization of significant part of mechanisms in main plants and by laying stress on quick and reliable comissioning as well as on programme structure of line automation system that is user friendly both at start-up of new production and within its further day-to-day operation.

A great deal of thorough planning has been done at HEINOLA to ensure constant, trouble-free running of its sawlines, with any malfunctions to be anticipated and fixed quickly. Interruption factors were cut down to a minimum by straightforward equipment solutions and making program structure more modular. Program segments communicate with each other and with the customer’s programs. Solutions for the most common problems have been developed beforehand, and the programs can solve most problems without operator. All these factors significantly reduce to minimum any production facilities downtime.

HEINOLA machinery is widely known and proved themselves to be reliable at sawmills in Finland and Sweden. In Russia HEINOLA machinery is to the most extent used in the projects of the Finnish investors (Metsa Svir, Pestovo Novo). However, in recent years HEINOLA successfully participates in the Russian large projects – thus, a new sawmill of Lesosibirsk LDK 1 (Krasnoyarsk area) – with HEINOLA machinery being supplied – is to be launched by the end of spring.

HEINOLA SL 100 • 250 • 400

Annual capacity 100 000 - 400 000 m3 of sawn timber
Cutting speed 40 - 200 m/min
Top log diameter 100 - 600 mm
Cant height 75 - 300 mm
Log length 2.5 - 6.5
Cutting accuracy S = 0.3
Skew cutting 15 mm/m
Curve cutting R = 35 m, 20 mm/m