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On the 16th of December Saint-Petersburg will gather forestry professionals

5 December 2016

For the first time in Saint-Petersburg city, Convention Hall ‘PetroCongress’ will hold a lumber training session ‘Increasing sawmill production and quality, reduction of manufacturing defects and equipment downtime’.

The main purpose of the seminar - exchange of experience and practical knowledge to improve skills of sawmill employees. Speaker’s reports will cover all phases and aspects of the wood cutting and efficient production organization, including ways of equipment choice and placement, modernization and optimization capabilities of the enterprises, selection, operation and maintenance of cutting tools, as well as lumber drying.

The session consists of:

  • 7 hours of training and discussions
  • Practical recommendations from experts
  • Qualification and specialization development of production engineers and directors
  • Modern ways for expenses decrease in production

Main seminar topics:

  • Increasing sawmill productivity through modernization of main and supporting equipment
  • Sawmill as information environment. Software systems for equipment manufactures
  • Typical mistakes in equipment selecting, placement in production line and organization of logistics
  • Waste - to profit. Effective recycling technologies for debarking and sawing
  • Proper selection, operation and repair of sawmill cutting tools
  • Drying wood problems and their solutions

Intention for the session is a compelling training need for Russian forest professionals.

For more information and registration: http://www.лесопиление.рф/

Source: RESTEC Group of Companies