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Three Liebherr manipulators for Ilim Group affiliate in Irkutsk region

14 April 2009

Three Liebherr electrically controlled manipulators (improved model) were delivered at Ilim Group affiliate in Ust-Ilimsk (Irkutsk region). New manipulators are designed for SISU trucks, lorries and railway cars.

Lifting capacity: 7 tons
Radius: 12 m

Liebherr manipulators are equipped with lifting cab. The cab can be raised up to 5 m and angled to 360 degrees. Control system (electrically operated) and air-conditioner are also installed inside the cab.

New machinery will allow decreasing time of timber shipment from SISU trucks, i.e. increasing their efficiency. In impassability time manipulators will be used for wood pulp shipment.