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Vecoplan AG in Russia

18 August 2015

Alliance Forest (St. Petersburg) and Vecoplan AG (Germany) took a decision on creating of an official representative office in Russia.

August 2015 the companies signed the corresponding partnership agreements and Alliance Forest has become an exclusive representative of Vecoplan AG in Russia.

Since 1969 Vecoplan AG has been producing machines and equipment for shredding, conveying and processing of wood and recyclables. Vecoplan systems are designed for sawmills, plywood mills, woodworking enterprises, biomass boiler houses and companies involved in pellet production, waste removal. Today Vecoplan machinery is installed at over 45 enterprises in Russia, incl. Kraslesinvest, Lesobalt, Ilim Group, Ust-Kut LDK (TSLK), SP Arkaim.

Now with Alliance Forest being an exclusive representative, Russian companies will get service and genuine spare parts, consumables and cutting tools for Vecoplan machinery, as well as new machinery from the producer.


Source: Alliance Forest