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Cant Profiling: significantly improve throughput!

12 May 2017

If you want to improve throughput and performance of your breakdown process, adding profiling could be the solution you are looking for.

Adding a profiling module between your shape chipper and sawbox will allow you to significantly improve mill flow and greatly reduce your re-edge boards.

'The mill has seen a 15% reduction of re-man decisions at the trimmer; that's a 15% increase in throughput to the sorter, all while running at the same speed' – recent customer.

The Profiler Upgrade for your shape sawing gang eliminates re-edge boards, and significantly improves the throughput of your breakdown line.

If you'd like to expand your primary breakdown capacity, but are unsure how to deal with the bottleneck that would result at your edger, adding a profiling module at your shape sawing gang can be the solution that’s right for you.

• eliminate the need to re-edge boards

• remove the bottle neck at your edger

• significantly improve throughput

• proven results in several installations

Source: Söderhamn Eriksson / USNR