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The use of forest fund lands for linear facilities: novels of forestry legislation!

5 June 2017

The event will be held in Moscow city within the XIII The Russian Congress 'Linear Facilities: Legal Regulation 2017 Summer', 4-6 July 2017.

Conference will cover such questions:

  • Rent of forest plots;
  • Transfer from forest fund lands to other categories of lands;

  • Registration of forest legal relations, documents of territorial and forest planning;

  • Easements in forest areas and wood mode;

  • Land plots of forest fund;

  • Improvement since the 1st of March 2017 in forest relations' regulation in the part of ‘green shields’;

  • Felling of forests, performed in other activities than wood harvesting;

  • The innovations of 2017, related to liability for violations in the field of forest administration;

  • New practice with regard to state cadastral registration of forest areas.

Eminent participants of the conference: Representatives of Russian Federation Government, Economic Development Ministry, Forestry Committee of the Moscow Region, Institute of Legislation and Comparative Jurisprudence and others.