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Faster, cleaner, more powerful: undate about our fast-running shredders!

22 September 2017

Always at the forefront of technical developments: Our mobile shredder solutions, the AK 560 and AK 635 EcoPower shredders, with their new rear conveyor options, will go into series production from October.


Six variants of these machines will be available, all fitted with the very latest technology. We have a solution for every requirement and for every budget: compact or large-scale, for use on or off the road. This update has made our machines even more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Available in lengths of between six and eight meters, the rear conveyors achieve new drop heights of four or five meters, filling machines and containers more easily and are able to produce rubble heaps that are up to 25% higher and wider. Operational capability: The AK 560 EcoPower is available with 2 or 3 axles, and the AK 635 EcoPower is available as a tracked vehicle or trailer. The trailers and trailer chassis are approved for road use with a maximum speed of 50 mph, and the tracked vehicle can travel at two different speeds.

And yet, they're environmentally friendly: all the machines are driven by powerful MTU/Mercedes Benz engines, which meet the legally required Euromot Stage IV final emission requirements. Last but not least: if you want an even finer result that is free from impurities, simply attach the new rear basket to your machine. This separates out excess lengths when preparing waste wood and improves the overall material structure.

Source: Doppstadt