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BoardMasterNOVA - all new grading scanner from FinScan

7 May 2014

BoardMasterNOVA is an all new grading scanner. In the new system the board is scanned from 10 different directions. Both wide faces are scanned from three directions and the side faces twice in 45°. The new way of scanning ensures full analysis of all board features and defects. The form of the board can be analyzed in a more comprehensive way. With the new matrix cameras the new system has better accuracy, improved defect detection and more reliable optimization results.

In the BoardMasterNOVA the new type of matrix cameras communicate via gigabit Ethernet (GigE) with the fast computers. The system has HD user interface available in various languages. Long lasting LED-lights are used for stable illumination. The operator terminals range from 4” mobile terminals and handy pads to computer screens up to 42”. BoardMaster has comprehensive graphical reporting tools for different user requirements.


BoardMasterNOVAis suitable for transversal grading of green, dry or planed boards of board lengths 1.5 – 8 meters (5- 26 feet).


Source: FinScan