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The III practical conference 'The use of forest lands in subsoil use', Moscow, March 2-3, 2017.

13 March 2017

More than 100 representatives of coal mining, oil producing, gold mining companies, electric power grids, non-metallic companies, as well as experts from federal and regional authorities took part in the event.


Among the main speakers of the conference was Ivan Sovetnikov, deputy director of RF Ministry of Natural Resources department of state policy and regulation in the field of forest resources. The Ministry of Natural Resources representative broached a serious issue of lawmaking in the field of forest management and cooperation with companies, which quarry minerals on forest land. Experts noted that recent amendments to the federal law concern all actions of forest users, which are aimed at indemnify for the damage and reclamation of land. Ivan Sovetnikov stressed that a new chapter had been added, devoted to forest protection from negative impacts, where provisions for protecting forests from river pollution are written in separated chapter. 


Source:  MAXConference