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New HEINOLA 100 SL sawline at Lesdrevmash-2014

27 October 2014

Heinola Sawmill Machinery presented a new HEINOLA 100 SL sawline at Lesdrevmash exhibition in Moscow October, 20-23. 
The new HEINOLA sawline is a perfect solution for various sawing needs. This sawline is an excellent tool and first step for starting more industrialized production. Annual production with the HEINOLA 100 SL sawline starts from approx. 80 000 m3 of logs in one shift and goes over 200 000 m3 of logs or 130 000 m3 of sawn timber in two shifts. The sawline is especially suitable for plants starting operation with the new technology and which wood acquisition is limited at the beginning, e.g. from the immediate surroundings.
The HEINOLA 100 SL sawline can be used for logs with a top end diameter of approx. 100 mm and a butt end diameter of up to approx. 600 mm. Different sawing patterns for the logs are given either manually or by the automatic control system. The line can be equipped with efficient circular saws or with bandmills. The bandmills maximize the yield by means of a very thin saw kerf.
Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc. has a great experience ensuring a high quality equipment and service to every customer - from single machines to complete plants.
Source: Heinola