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Indexator launches strong new light-weight rotator

17 October 2016

Indexator is now expanding its leading range of rotators and swing dampers with the launch of a strong light-weight rotator and a swing damper especially adapted to small and medium-sized machines.

– "There has been considerable demand for a fine-tuned package in the lighter class and since we continuously work to meet our customers' needs, this was a natural step to take," says Lennart Eriksson, Area Sales Manager.

In recent years, Indexator has conducted field tests of the new light-weight rotator H112 and associated swing damper MPBT at some customers where it was very well received.

– "Our customers and test operators say that they now got a special package where the weight of the crane tip was reduced, making the whole machine more agile and improving the operating experience," says Lennart Eriksson. "The end-users have wanted a package for thinning where they work with a long reach and a lighter head."

The product development of the light-weight rotator H112 was based on the larger H122 model, reducing the size and combining lower weight with the same torque as the H122. Together with the newly developed MPBT swing damper, where the braking effect was adjusted for smaller harvesters, the package becomes a perfect comprehensive solution for small and medium-sized machines.