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Thought-out Investments in Siberian Sawmilling

26 August 2013

Being founded in 1968 today  LLDK No1 is not only one of the oldest, but also one of the largest  sawmilling complexes in Russia. Signed in the end of 2011 the largest in company’s history agreement on machinery delivery within production modernization has become the most important step towards stable development of Lesosibirskiy LDK No 1. Due to the newly launched sawmill facilities the annual volume of processed sawlogs will get increased up to 1.5 mln m3 – with sawmill successfully competing  in the world sawn timber markets.

Staking on the technological solutions from the world machinery producers the sawmill made the right choice. Veisto, Hekotek, Heinola and Valon Kone machinery manifold proved their efficiency and quality both worldwide and in Russia in particular, which is specially important.

It is worth mentioning that there are two names in the list of machinery suppliers for the new sawmill that have already delivered their equipment to the Lesosibirskiy LDK No1 – Hekotek (Estonia) and HEINOLA (Finland). The fact that they were chosen again speaks about strong trust of the sawmill to these suppliers and about confidence in positive results.

Max load? No problem!

Hekotek log sorting line has been working at the sawmill for many years.  It is actually a log sorting line where the sawmilling production starts and where yield optimization is achieved. Beside log sorting that is not simply diameter-based, but optimized for each particular sawing cut (if required), the line allows measuring the exact volume of each log batch arriving at the sawmill.

Hekotek log sorting line was installed on the bank of the Yenisei river in 2011, where most part of saw logs is rafted at the sawmill. Considering seasonal nature of rafting – almost 700 thousand m3 of round logs being delivered from May till October – log sorting line being intensively used practically a half of operating time carrying max load.

Optimal solution – not expensive

In sawmilling sector Hekotek is known as a supplier offered optimal solution – not obligatory the most expensive, but the best to solve the tasks of the certain customer.  For example, there are two different infeed systems for HewSaw sawlines. HewSaw SL 250 Trio is equipped with a curve conveyor, which is the best alternative for thick logs and ensures max durability of log infeed system.  Whereas  a revolver log turner is quite enough for thin logs that are processed with HewSaw R200 SE.

Cистема подачи бревен на пиление Heкоtek.jpg

Система подачи бревен на пиление Hekotek

The role of Hekotek in this project is not boiled down to the equipment supply – the company operates as a general supplier for new sawmill. “The role of a general supplier in project realization is a key role that provides a customer with confidence in final results”, - says Alexander Nikulin, Project Manager at Lesosibirskit LDK No1.

New technology – the same philosophy

As for HEINOLA, green and dry sorting lines by Plan-Sell –one of the enterprises in the background of HEINOLA –have been operating here for several decades. These lines features high capacity and reliability, due to which for many years they have been successfully solving ever-changing tasks that the sawmill faces.

There will be two HEINOLA green sorting lines for side and central boards. Both plants have good interim storage between the sawline and the actual sorting area. Thanks to these interim storage areas, sawing can continue even during short stoppages at the sorting plant. They work as a buffer allowing the production to continue without disruptions.

Линия сортировки сырых пиломатериалов Heinola.JPG

Линия сортировки сырых пиломатериалов HEINOLA

The sorting lines are marked with high output –both lines can sort 150 products per minute!  - with annual output being estimated to reach approximately 500 000 cubic metres of sawn goods.  HEINOLA technology provides exceptionally gentle handling of sorted materials. For example, the drop to the sorting bins is low and the bins descend automatically as they fill up. The side board sorting plant is also equipped with a trimmer that cuts the boards, removing the part of the board that is not used for that particular grade.  The stick stacker machine is also highly automated and the kiln stack layers form as quickly as 160 sticks per minute.

Thorough Approach

The role of green sorting sector is difficult to overestimate in total effectiveness of the sawmill. Board drying quality to some extent, even significantly, depends on quality of green sorting – the more accurate is green sorting, the more accurate drying mode can be chosen. Due to high accuracy of board sorting it is also possible to significantly save on energy resources consumed by drying kilns.

Thus, it is an ability of enterprise to understand and consider the role of each production sector in achieving final result that lies in the basis of proper approach to investments within construction of new facilities or modernization of old ones.

Due to the complex approach the very smallest details have been considered when planning the new sawmill. The complex is based on solutions stipulating both high quality processing and care for raw material and sawn timber. Such solutions are widely spread in Northern Europe – advanced, constantly upgraded, but proven by time and experience.

Launched technologies will allow the sawmill not only reducing the costs and increasing labor capacity and capitalization of business, but expanding its possibilities from the point of sawn timber sales markets of the Russian leading sawmill.