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John Deere and Timbermash Baikal introduce new technologies for road construction!

15 May 2017

автогрейдер John Deere 772G.JPG

John Deere’s official dealer - Timbermash Baikal - handed to the leading road-building companies ‘Novosibirskavtodor’ auto grader John Deere 772G. The machine will be used in the federal highway construction works near the Kochenevo village (Novosibirsk region).

Auto grader 772G has a number of technical advantages, including a powerful engine Tier 2 diesel and excellent service availability. In addition, the grader is equipped with a high-precision TOPCON 3D-MC system with GPS & LPS positioning option, which is integrated by the company Geostroyizyskaniya and ITS.

‘At the moment, construction of a federal highway near the Kochenevo village is undergoing. New two traffic interchanges with overpasses will contribute to development of the village, it will increase capacity and traffic safety. In order to make a strong and durable road, we recommended system TOPCON 3D-GPS to the ‘Novosibirskavtodor’ company, because this system allows you to prepare the finish layer before laying the concrete raft with subsequent asphalting with an accuracy of 1-2 mm. One more advantage – ability to work with both satellite instruments and a robotic total station. The first option guarantees high speed and performance, the second one - terms of the project are as close as possible. The system guarantees reliable and trouble-free operation regardless of weather conditions and day time, as technical and service support of the companies Geostroyizyskania-Novosibirsk and Timbermash Baikal will avoid unexpected downtime of equipment in operation’ – said Maksim Anciferov, The Director of Timbermash Baikal in Novosibirsk Office. 

Source: John Deere