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The new forwarders of G-series are entering the market!

27 April 2017

John Deere added to the forestry line of equipment new forwarders of G-series. The new models 1110G, 1210G and 1510G consist of traditional John Deere’s high quality and its’ advanced technologies. Forwarders of the new series easily deal with any challenges even in the most difficult conditions and are ideally suited to work on Russian plots.

The new forwarders are equipped with Tier 2 / Stage II 6.8 engines with high power and high torque. Due to the new adaptive transmission control system (ADC), tractive effort is more efficiently, and the engine operating speed is automatically adjusted depending on the transmission load. 

As an option for the 1210G and 1510G machines there are tandem rear axle trucks, which significantly reduce ground pressure when using tracks, which provides off-road capability. Also there were changes in design of frames and manipulator: reinforced front frame and boom of manipulator from a more powerful model significantly increased the durability of machines.

The operators' work became more comfortable thanks to the improved cabin: the foot space increased and the noise level decreased significantly. In the modernized cabin there is a powerful PC with a touch screen and an exclusive control system Timbermatic F-16, which creates ample opportunities for on-board diagnostics. In addition, LED lighting will allow the operator to work comfortably in the dark during all weather conditions.

Smart control system of the second-generation manipulator IBC allows to reduce training time for new operators and significantly increase the efficiency of their work. The new IBC 2.0 software guarantees the highest level of performance, thanks to the accuracy of the manipulator control when working at a large departure.

The key to success of John Deere technology is the continuous improvement of components, as well as the search for technical solutions and technologies capable of increasing the productivity, reliability and durability of machines.

Source: John Deere