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Komatsu 901XC – an eight-wheeled thinning specialist!

15 June 2017

Following the success of the eight-wheeled Komatsu 931XC comes the Komatsu 901XC – an agile thinning machine with great manoeuvrability and fantastic stability. This harvester is part of Komatsu Forest's new XC product series, featuring machines and accessories specially designed for extreme conditions.

Komatsu 901XC Front.jpg

The new Komatsu 901XC is a new and eagerly awaited harvester for thinning in hilly terrain and on soft ground. The eight wheels, combined with the well-proven Komatsu concept, ensure a machine with fantastic stability, excellent manoeuvrability and low ground pressure – which in turn means less ground damage. The Komatsu 901XC is part of Komatsu Forest's new XC product series, featuring machines and tools specially designed for challenging conditions.

All Komatsu harvesters are based on the well-proven Komatsu concept, which was originally launched back in 1984 and has made Komatsu Forest a market leader when it comes to stable harvesters. The concept is based on a centrally mounted cab and crane, which provide a good balance between ground pressure and low centre of gravity. Other key features are the rigid articulated joint and the swing axle, which in combination with the cab's tilt cylinders offer superior stability and good handling in difficult terrain.

The stability advantages of the Komatsu concept serve as cornerstones in the development of our eight-wheeled harvesters. Moreover, the harvesters in the XC series are equipped with the swinging rear axle seen in our six-wheeled harvesters, teamed with a bogie to create a highly unique solution with twin suspension systems, the Komatsu Double Suspension Comfort Bogie, and excellent off-road handling.

Naturally, the 901XC is built using the same high-class components as all other Komatsu harvesters. It has a powerful diesel engine that delivers high engine power while fulfilling strict environmental requirements with minimised emissions of environmentally hazardous particles and nitrogen oxides. The machine is also equipped with Komatsu Forest's unique three-pump hydraulics, 3PS, delivering a flow of a full 548 litres per minute at 1,500 rpm. The unique pressure and flow optimisation of 3PS enables several crane and head functions to be used simultaneously with retained maximum hydraulic power, all thanks to the machine's exceptional hydraulic power coordination.

Just like all other Komatsu harvesters, the 901XC features a high-performance operator environment. Some of the many benefits include the large cab volume, good visibility, smart screen placement and a levelling function to ensure that the cab is always kept horizontal. The cab also boasts high airflow to create the right indoor climate, as well as an ergonomically designed seat with an optional rotatable seat column that can turn a full 180 degrees. There are a number of options to choose from, such as extra storage solutions, lighting and floor heating, as well as three different joystick systems, including EME, that further enhance an already comfortable operator environment.

Komatsu Forest's hydrostatic, power-optimised transmission enables engine power to be fully utilised, providing considerable advantages in difficult terrain and excellent climbing ability. This clearly suits the 901XC, which also has reinforced Cardan shafts in the powertrain – everything to ensure top performance in demanding terrain. Another important advantage when thinning in hilly terrain is the levelling function for the cab and crane, which makes the machine a strong performer even on inclines. This feature is common to all Komatsu harvesters, but provides particular advantages when working in steep terrain as the crane's slewing force would otherwise suffer when working against a gradient. The first-rate crane functionality of the 901XC makes it easier to perform precise crane movements and select the right tree, even when fully extended. The machine's stability also makes for more effective work at long reaches. The Komatsu 901XC is, quite simply, a stable machine with fantastic off-road capabilities, perfect for thinning in steep terrain and on soft ground.

Source: Komatsu