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Komatsu C124 - refined head with four feed rollers!

8 June 2017

We are proud to announce the Komatsu C124, an updated version of the C123 with a fourth driven feed roller as the headline feature. The C124 is, like its predecessor, a versatile harvesting head that offers maximum productivity, quality and reliability. Naturally, the much-appreciated Constant Cut function and the multi-tree handling option remain. Moreover, there is a new option in the shape of head-mounted working lights.

Komatsu c124.jpg

The concept of four driven feed rollers was introduced with the C144 and has proven to be a major market success. The C124 builds on the same principle. The design philosophy behind the C heads is that the stem is held by the feed rollers. They centre the stem, which ensures efficient feeding, while the low clamping pressure reduces friction, which means lower fuel consumption. The addition of a fourth driven feed roller makes the C124 an even more productive head, especially when working with smaller and/or crooked stems.

The way in which the C heads centre the stem also contributes to accurate and reliable length and diameter measurements. What's more, on the C124 the diameter sensors in the delimbing knives are fixed, which means no calibration is needed after servicing.

The other major new feature of the C124 is the optional integrated working lights. Head-mounted working lights offer several benefits. To start with, they make it easier for the operator to collar each tree. They also reduce the risk of sawing stones and other obstacles in the forest while making it easier to assess stem quality during feeding. All of these factors help increase productivity and reduce the risk of downtime.

The Constant Cut saw unit has been fitted as standard since the launch of the C123. Constant Cut guarantees the right chain speed throughout the entire cutting cycle. This means that the operator avoids the risk of over-revving the saw motor, which in turn means more effective cutting and higher productivity. The head has a new saw bar mount with a sturdy construction. Another quality improvement is greater force in the bar return. The saw unit is designed for maximum durability and minimum maintenance.

The head can be complemented with multi-tree handling equipment, which increases flexibility as the head can be used for more types of harvesting. This equipment has been developed for maximum ease of service.

The frame of the C124 combines light weight with retained strength. The felling link has a large tilt angle for effective harvesting in steep terrain. This reduces strain on frame components, which has a positive effect on head reliability and operator comfort. The head has cast delimbing knives for maximum durability and good stem handling. The C124 has, like its predecessor, smart hose routing to ensure good durability and easy hose replacement. The head also uses easily accessible service points for minimal downtime and retained productivity. The Komatsu C124 is, quite simply, a dependable partner that always delivers.

Source: Komatsu