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Komatsu Forest launches small, gentle, but tough forwarder

1 November 2013

The new Komatsu 845 forwarder has been designed to meet the toughest demands expected of smaller forwarders. As such, it's nimble, compact, and gentle yet productive. With a new chassis, a new engine, a new crane, and a new bunk, the Komatsu 845 is a completely new versatile forwarder.

The Komatsu 845 has a new split frame design with a self-bearing axle and a new frame-axle interface. The underside of the frame is designed to facilitate mobility in difficult terrain. Together with the 26.5" wheels, ground clearance is high and ground pressure is low.

A new hydrostatic transmission system optimizes power usage.  The system rapidly adapts when the load changes depending on the terrain, obstacles, inclines, and crane loads. The good interaction between the crane functions and the transmission enables the machine to operate without disruptive drops in hydraulic capacity.

The Komatsu 845 has a new four-cylinder 4.9-liter engine with high torque at low engine speeds. The new engine complies with the tough environmental requirements of Euromot Stage IV/EPA Tier 4 Final that come into effect in 2014.

The crane on the Komatsu 845 has a long reach, up to 33 feet (10 m), and a combi outer boom with a ProTec link, internal hose routing that protects hosing and hydraulics in dense stands. High working pressure makes it efficient and together with the larger capacity hydraulic lines on the crane ensures the speed is there when needed.

The cab interior offers plenty of space in all directions. The cab features really good visibility all around and upward. The cab environment is also very quiet. Better cab isolation blocks open channels for noise and a noise shield between the engine and the cab prevents engine noise from entering the cab. The cab has an ergonomically designed seat developed specially for forest machines.

Another new feature of the Komatsu 845 is the flexible gate, FlexGate, which moves up and down if the crane strikes it. This provides better visibility and better protection. The bunk features a flexible load space, with width and height adjustment.