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Komatsu Forest celebrates a great year

20 July 2015

The forest machine company Komatsu Forest had one of its most successful years during the fiscal year 2014. Net sales reached a record level, with an increase of almost 11 % from the year before. Operating profit improved by increased volumes and improved margins.

Sales increased in several markets, such as North America, Australia, Great Britain and France. The Nordic market was also strong, with increased sales in Sweden, Finland and Norway. The Russian market was seriously affected by rising interest rates, a weaker rouble and anxiety due to the Ukrainian crisis, which lead to a decline in sales. However, the company has been able to offset this decline since demand has been so strong in other markets, says Ola Boström, head of marketing at Komatsu Forest.

Komatsu Forest has a strong domestic market; the company is the market leader in forwarder sales in Sweden. In the autumn of 2014, the company launched a new harvester line. The first of the new machines are now being delivered to customers. - Our new harvesters have received a lot of positive attention, something we are very proud of. Hopefully, this strengthens our position as market leader further, says Peter Hasselryd, sales manager at Komatsu Forest in Sweden.

The company has expanded strongly since the Japanese company Komatsu Ltd came in as owner in 2004. Komatsu Forest is one of the largest forest machine manufacturers in the world and is a successful part of Komatsu Ltd Group. One sign of this is that the company was recently awarded the “President’s Award”, as a recognition for the outstanding performance among all Komatsu group companies.

Intense product development, manufacturing with focus on quality and a close customer relationship are, according to Ola Boström, contributing success factors. In addition to equipment for the fully mechanised forestry enterprise, Komatsu Forest offers a range of service solutions that facilitate machine ownership. - Our goal is always to maximise the profitability for contractors, says Ola. He has a positive view on the company’s future development and believes that the outlook for 2015 is good.


Source: Komatsu