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Operator-oriented harvesters from Komatsu

5 June 2015

Naturally, comfort means a good cab environment in terms of, for example, visibility, noise, light, air, ergonomics, and communication. However, equally important is the machine's stability, which is decisive if the operator is to maintain high productivity hour after hour regardless of the terrain.

The good stability of Komatsu Forest's harvesters is based on the well-proven concept of a swing axle combined with the cab's tilt cylinders, providing stability whether using the crane at full reach or repositioning the machine. Together with automatic cab leveling, this ensures harvesters with great stability. All new harvesters can also be fitted with the optional cab suspension system Komatsu Autolev Advanced, which uses a technique that is as simple as it is ingenious. All functions of this hydraulic cab suspension are controlled by MaxiXplorer. The result is effective damping of hard knocks.


When it comes to cab comfort, the new harvesters have many new features that together create a sustainable work environment. The cab is spacious in all directions with an ergonomically designed seat that can rotate a full 180 degrees. High air flow creates the right indoor climate and both upward and downward visibility are good thanks to the brand new front windshield design. The cab can be equipped with several different joystick alternatives. The joysticks are mounted in the newly developed control panels, from which most machine functions can be controlled. The classic EME joysticks have been redesigned to enable machine operation with sequence control.

For easy two-way communication, the machine is fitted with MediaZone, a centrally-located media hub with USB connectors, 3.5 mm stereo connectors, Bluetooth, and handsfree functionality.

The harvesters will be exhibited in Komatsu Forest's booth at the Skogsnolia convention in Umeå, Sweden on June 11-13. Komatsu Forest will also unveil a brand new head, the new ProAct 2.0 service and maintenance system, and the MaxiFleet fleet management system.


Source: Komatsu