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New names for Komatsu heads

1 March 2014

Komatsu Forest is introducing new type designations for all new and upgraded heads. The idea is to make it easier for everyone to know how the heads differ from each other.

The new type designations contain a combination of letters and digits that in a logical manner specify the head's type, relative size, number of feed rollers, and special functionality.

The first letter of the new type designation indicates the design principles for the type of head. C means that the tree is held by the feed rollers, which provides good trunk grip, good traction, and high measurement accuracy. S means that the tree is held by the knives and crooked trees are handled well. V is a combination of C and S whereby the tree is held by the feed rollers and delimbing knives together.

The first and second digits of the designation indicate the standard size of the head. This makes it easier to quickly compare the head's size to the rest of the Komatsu head lineup.

The last digit indicates the number of powered feed rollers, which can be two, three, or four, while the last letter indicates additional functionality, where E signifies a barking head and P signifies a processing head.

The new type designations will be introduced successively on new and upgraded heads.