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Komatsu - brand new preventive service and support

5 November 2014

Productivity, high uptime, and low running costs. That's what all forest machine owners strive for. With proactive service, there's a chance you'll achieve it. Komatsu Forest's new ProAct 2.0 concept is a completely new way to think and act preventively in order to make forest machine ownership easier, more secure, and more profitable.

The basic idea behind ProAct 2.0 is to replace parts before they fail, to conduct service before downtime strikes, and to continually improve and optimize maintenance to suit the customer's unique situation – with everything following a schedule based on operations. In order to do this in the best and most cost-effective manner, the concept encompasses several aspects, each of which adds value to the customer's overall experience.

ProAct 2.0 has four important components. The first component is planned visual inspections to monitor machines between scheduled servicing. Inspections enable you to predict the need for service and repairs and thereby avoid unplanned downtime and maximize machine uptime. Further support is provided by Komatsu Forest's new MaxiFleet system, with which you can easily monitor your machines almost in real time. You can quickly see where all your machines are, follow production and operation, and even provide remote support.

The second component is scheduled service, which allows downtime to be planned according to the contractor's work schedule so as to eliminate unwelcome production stops. Here a field stock customized to each contractor's individual needs also plays an important role in daily preventative maintenance.

The third component involves customized training adapted to each contractor's unique circumstances with a focus on methodology training and machine settings based on the data generated by MaxiFleet, our fleet management system. Komatsu Forest's new simulators underpin the training work.

The fourth component is cyclic follow-ups. ProAct 2.0 is not a one-time initiative but a way to ensure systematic service and maintenance work in which continual improvements are made based on facts. ProAct 2.0 will be launched for select customers in Sweden in the first quarter of 2015.