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Simulators – a shortcut to know-how and increased productivity!

15 June 2017

Komatsu's simulators offer the perfect shortcut to new knowledge and honed skills. January saw the launch of two new simulator models, the full-sized KF 500 simulator and the KF 50 laptop model. The new models include a number of new functions for improved functionality and performance.

Simulator K500_MG_4908 2.jpg

Both simulator models boast brand new software and include the latest machine models for both harvester and forwarder simulation. The simulators also offer several different machine options to choose from, such as standard crane and combi crane, S-type and C-type heads, and with or without multi-tree handling. An exciting new feature is the VR option, which uses VR technology to take the simulator experience to new heights.

The simulators include a Forest Editor, which enables you to generate landscapes and forest stands. In this way, users can train in forests that exactly match their usual working environment with regard to tree species, terrain and forest density.

All simulators also have a multiplayer function, which means two simulators can operate in the same virtual environment, enabling a harvester and a forwarder to work together. The multiplayer mode includes statistics reflecting the team's results – a function that can encourage further improvements in performance. You can even choose to add an instructor station, which enables an instructor or experienced simulator operator to get a better and more dynamic overview of and interact with the other operators.

Komatsu's simulators provide a realistic simulation of operating a Komatsu machine, but at a significantly lower cost and with less risk than operating an actual machine. The simulators can be used both to teach new forest machine operators and to help experienced operators refine their operating technique and thereby increase their productivity.

Source: Komatsu