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Welcome at Expodrev 2016

21 December 2015

Krasnoyarsk Fair Exhibition Company and Deutsche Messe AG invite you to take part in the 18th international specialized exhibition ExpoDrev!

The ExpoDrev International Woodworking Exhibition has been held in Krasnoyarsk since 1999. Initially it was called “Forest. Woodworking: machinery and production”. For the following years the exhibition took its firm position on the international level. Year after year the number of exhibitors and professional visitors from the USA, Europe and Asia was rapidly growing. At the moment the exhibition keeps on its consistent development: it is determined by the regional economic growth, its complex development, implementation of new technologies in industries. Due to the enlargement of the expo concept we have come to ExpoDrev name, showing the scale of this congress and exhibition project and corresponding to the call of the times.

The organization of this event on the Krasnoyarsk land has a number of serious advantages.

First, the Region is one of the leading regions in forest resources and industrial wood. Nowadays the industry is faced with a task to increase the volume of timber conversion. This means that the Region needs new technologies and new machinery for that.

Second, the Krasnoyarsk Region is one of the best developing regions in Russia. All large projects prove this fact: complex development of Nizhneye Priangarye; launch of the most up-to-date Boguchanskaya hydro power electric station in Russia; construction of the railway Kyzyl-Kuragino, etc. Eight priority investment projects in forest exploitation are being realized; some of them are considered to be the largest in Russia (Boguchanskiy forest industry complex, enlargement of Lesosibirskiy woodworking plant #1; Novoyeniseyskiy timber and chemical plant; Mekran woodworking enterprise, modernization of wood processing complex in Yeniseysk District by Maltat group, etc.) New forest industry enterprises have appeared. Thus, recently a new innovation production has been launched, an enterprise for advanced processing of polymer wastes with further production of wood and plastic composites.

In addition to that, the Region pays much attention to the staff training for forest industry. In Krasnoyarsk there is Siberian State Technological University (SibSTU), one of the largest in Russia. There are several training centers: a joint project of SibSTU with KAMI Corporation in Krasnoyarsk and with Komatsu in Divnogorsk.

All this proves that ExpoDrev is an effective site for demonstration of machinery and equipment samples for logging, woodworking and furniture industry. Here you have all the conditions for promotion of cutting-edge technologies, equipment and tools for forest industry complex.

Exhibition Profile:

  • Technologies, engineering and equipment for logging
  • Sawmill equipment
  • Technologies and machinery for woodworking industry
  • Technologies and equipment for furniture production
  • Component parts for equipment, tools and gears for furniture and woodworking production
  • Equipment and tools for wooden construction
  • Technologies and equipment for the production of wood boards, plywood and scale wood
  • Technologies and equipment for the conversion, waste utilization and biofuel production
  • Packaging, load-transfer and storage equipment
  • Sawn timber, wood boards, plywood and scale wood
  • Wooden construction, millwork, doors, windows
  • Forest products
  • Forestry management, forest protection and reproduction
  • Software for the woodworking and furniture production
  • New developments, engineering
  • Investment and leasing companies, banks, consulting