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Felder Group to present Hammer K4 at Lesdrevmash

3 June 2016

The new HAMMER K4 is the entry model into the world ofFELDER Group panel saws.
The optimised, large dimensioned aluminium format sliding tablehas been designed for maximum load bearing. The smoothprecision guiding system guarantees absolute precision whentrimming, formatting, cross and rip cutting. Even with the standardequipment the HAMMER K4 meets all of the requirements of a solid saw to cut large dimensioned panels, from the electricalscoring unit, the 1,250 mm rip capacity, through to the 3,200 mmcutting length and a 1290 mm outrigger table.
Hammer К4.png
HAMMER K4 will be presented in Russia at Lesdrevmash 2016 that will take place October 24-27 in Moscow.
Source: Felder Group