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New engine with market-leading emission control from Komatsu

21 May 2015

Komatsu Forest's new harvester engines comply with the latest emission control requirements of Stage IV/TIER 4 Final. This means engines with the market's lowest emission levels and low fuel consumption – without compromising on engine power.

The new engines are found in the Komatsu 901, Komatsu 911, Komatsu 931, and Komatsu 951 harvesters, all of which will be exhibited at this year's Skogsnolia convention on June 11-13.

The new harvester engines feature refined SCR technology with high injection pressure, exact timing, and effective charge air cooling. This provides a strong engine, rapid engine response, low particulate emissions, and – not least – low fuel consumption.


Unique interaction between the harvester's engine, control system, and transmission better utilizes the new engine's high performance and improves handling in steep terrain. The system automatically increases traction at lower speeds. This enables the harvesters to pass obstacles with considerably greater ease compared to machines with conventional hydrostatic transmission systems while reducing fuel consumption. The result is maximum productivity by utilizing every ounce of horsepower and every drop of fuel.

Harvesters with the new engine will be exhibited in Komatsu Forest's booth at the Skogsnolia convention in Umeå, Sweden on June 11-13. Komatsu Forest will also unveil a brand new head, the new ProAct 2.0 service and maintenance system and the MaxiFleet fleet management system.


Source: Komatsu Forest