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Everything for customers: from nut to harvester - in the new offices of Traktorodetal Company!

21 April 2017

‘Traktorodetal’, the official dealer of John Deere, continues to develop its web. In 2017, dealer centers opened in Tver, Veliky Novgorod and Tobolsk cities.

‘By expending the Company’s geography we are introducing our concept of presence in full measure. First, we strive to be as close to the customer's business as possible; secondly, we provide a full range of services: office, store, warehouse, service - all the same style and rules’ – says the founder of Traktorodetal, Dmitry Krutikov.


A fully-functional dealer center in Tver combines all the necessary things. This is the sales office, and the service center, and the demo site, as well as the spare parts warehouse and its own production facilities for pressing high-pressure hoses.

‘Our main task - to be with clients 24 hours 7 days a week, therefore opening a new branch in Tver has a great strategic and practical importance for the development of our company and the quality support for our customers. The timber industry is well developed in the region, and we have to provide continuous service for John Deere machines’ – says regional director of GC ‘Traktorodetal’ in the Tver region, Sergey Papirosov.

In Veliky Novgorod also began to work ‘Traktorodetal’ sales office.

‘Expansion of the branch’s network is part of our strategy. With a new representative office, we will be able to better understand the needs of our customers and respond as quickly as possible to their requests’ – says Vladimir Yakovlev, regional director of GC ‘Traktorodetal’, in the Novgorod region.

Sergei Haikonen, the regional director of GC ‘Traktorodetal’ in Tobolsk, said that the decision about opening the branch was taken literally in a month.

‘A large-scale construction project in the Tobolsk region was a great reason for the opening: building of two plants and a two-lane road from Tobolsk to Uvat. In addition, we want to support companies that are engaged in logging in our region. More than 40 units of logging units are involved in forest works, and the nearest dealer center was located 400 kilometers from the cutting areas. The new center in Tobolsk also solved this problem’ – Mr. Haikonen says.

Source: John Deere