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New opportunities for John Deere and Traktorodetal Northern branch

24 November 2016

John Deere new branch opened its doors to the North-West region clients. Now the northern department unites: sales office, area ​​about 2000 m2 for spare parts warehouse, technical center with its own production facilities and large-scale exhibition platform for storage and display equipment. The department is engaged in construction and forestry equipment sale and service.


‘Previous location didn’t meet the requirements of our customers. It was located in the center of the city and logistics was not easy. That is why we opened a new office. Now we are on the east side of St. Petersburg, near the RMW (Ring Motorway), as a result, we are the first in the chain of spare parts procurement for our clients. On the plus side here is a dead-end track near the office’ – said Sergey Zharov, regional director of CG Traktorodetal in St. Petersburg. 

‘Now we have a full-fledged technical center with three posts and all the necessary equipment to provide a full range of services. Techcenter – is not only repair and maintenance of machinery, but also the production. As well, we have expanded the area of ​​spare parts warehouse. Yet there is a big platform for storage and demonstration our equipment. It a pleasure, that opening was attended by about 70 customers. There were many positive opinions about new office, everybody is satisfied’ – added Sergey Zharov. 


The opening event took place in a warm atmosphere. After a tour among facilities, guests - representatives of major construction and logging companies - were shown a demo-show of equipment, accompanied by a bright band of lady-drummers. And then the power actor showed his heroic might – he brought to the platform several cars on a cable. Furthermore, the traditional test-drive of equipment was not forgotten.


Development directions for Traktorodetal became broader: new dealership in Ukhta was opened.

‘The region is very promising for the John Deere road-building activities. There are large federal oil companies and there will be a new gas-flow from Torzhok to Ukhta. We already had the first sale -  excavator-loader. The important thing for us was to provide greater service availability and quick delivery of spare parts and we were able to do it’ – Valery Katyushi, head of sales department "Traktorodetal" Ukhta, noted.


Source: John Deere