New profiling head for the Profiling Technology from EWD

10 April 2013

In 2012 we have developed and tested in real application together with our partner LEUCO a new profiling head for the Profiling Technology in sawmills. The new P-System Tools achieve tear-out free lumber faces and though fare not achievable tool life.

The trial runs in normal sawmill operation have shown a tool life 30 times higher than before.

From our world of EWD CircularSaw Technology we display the compact NKU 150, a double arbor circular saw with individual electric height adjustment of the saw arbors. This saw unit with fix mounted saw banks of up to 615 mm [24 in] length, 160 mm [6.3 in] sawing height and a minimum lumber length of 80 cm [31.5 in] was designed for high performance application in packaging and pallet lumber mills. This machine is the ideal conversion unit for low grade large logs into pallet boards.

The profiling unit FR 15_M with the new P-System profiling heads can be placed in front of the NKU 150.