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New upgraded Komatsu forwarder

8 November 2013

Komatsu Forest launches a new upgraded forwarder – the Komatsu 855.1 – offering greater traction, a new bunk, and a refined power train.

High productivity is an important characteristic of any forest machine, regardless of whether it is a forwarder or a harvester. As such, the new Komatsu 855.1 features improvements that primarily deliver higher productivity, combined with better performance, a greater load capacity, and increased reliability.

The Komatsu 855.1 boasts a bunk with a 14-tonne load capacity. In order to utilize the entire load capacity, the bunk is about 10 percent larger.

Traction on the new Komatsu 855.1 is 182 kN (20.5 tonf), which is 11 percent more than its predecessor. The power train also features new components to further increase reliability. The bogie axles now have a reinforced differential and dual bogie bearings. What's more, the Komatsu 855.1's transmission provides lower gearing.

The new bogie axles mean that the rear frames have been updated to models suitable for bogie stops. The new dual bearings on the bogie axles also increase the distance between the wheels and the frame by 33 mm (1.3 inches) on both sides, providing more space for bogie tracks.