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New OFA products

8 July 2013

New OFA-products at Elmia Wood 2013.

OFA_Craftec 16+.jpg
Craftec+ 16 is all-round designed for Central-Europen demands. The design offers an extra degree of self-cleaning and good maneuverability.

Tension chain as standard. Easy to mount and unmounts with fast couplers.

Protec F16 has wide flat bar lugs welded to the Protec pattern chain. Protec F16 is excellent chain when terrain is at its worst especially in muddy conditions and steep hills.

Extra lugs ensure high wearing resistance against excessive wear.

TAPIO 11 HD is recommended to heavy forestry tractors, small skidders < 9 tons.

Welded side links instead of hooks. Ensure durable connection to side chain.

OFA_Tapio-NK 2D.png
Tapio-NK 9 2D has 9mm square non-twist chain and double diamond patters to increase grip, tire protection and lifetime. This tire chain is excellent choice for snow cleaning, municipal service, forestry use when non-studded traction chain is needed.