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PONSSE takes part in EU research project ‘ONTRACK’!

20 April 2017

Together with European forest research organizations, Ponsse and tracked utility vehicle manufacturer Prinoth SPA are taking part in OnTrack, a new EU Horizon 2020 Innovation Action. The purpose of this two-year project, with funding by EU, is to investigate alternative running gear in a form of a tracked chassis system that could reduce the impact of load carrying machines on forest soils, while maintaining the productivity.

The concept prototype forwarder has been constructed at Ponsse, Vieremä. It is based on a second-hand PONSSE Buffalo forwarder, where wheel tandems have been replaced with rubber tracks and undercarriage components of Prinoth utility vehicles. The machine is a concept for testing rubber tracks in harsh forest environment, and there are no plans so far for manufacturing such machines.


At the moment the prototype is being tested in Sweden by forestry research institute Skogforsk. Test includes measurements on Skogforsk’s vibration test track as well as actual forwarding on soft soils. Within the two-year project period the machine will also be tested on soft soils of Norway, Germany, Latvia and Finland.


The 'OnTrack’ project and communication about its results and details is coordinated by the Norwegian NIBIO institute. Other contributors in the project are Konstholmen AB and Skogforsk in Sweden, Metsäteho Oy in Finland, LSFRI/SILAVA in Latvia, KWF in Germany, and Owren AS in Norway.

Source: Ponsse