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Drones - new monitoring system in Russian forests!

19 October 2017

Ministry of Industry and Trade together with Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs will test a pilot project for forest monitoring  based on 'blockchain' technology.

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Unreliable information of forests’ condition is an obstacle for development of timber industry companies. The discrepancy between the leased forest areas and the declared areas’ characteristics leads to business losses. Illegal logging causes significant damage to the country's forest resources. Over the past three years, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, total damage amounted to 30.8 billion rubles, in total there were committed 52,400 cases of illegal logging.

Company ‘Kraslesinvest’ was selected as a site for pilot project, in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. In case of successful tests, the monitoring system will cover other regions of Russia. Experimental operation and preparation of the project is scheduled for February 2018.

Source: MINPROMTORG Russia and Russian Forestry Complex