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John Deere and Traktorodetal current team-working: focus on future wood professionals !

15 March 2017

Education and training for rising workers - an urgent issue for timber industry. That is why Trektorodetal Group and John Deere are focused on cooperation with educational institutions and implement a number of projects to develop practical skills of future engineers, mechanics, technologists and operators of forest machinery.


Thus, at Traktorodetal branch office in Saint-Petersburg there was a meeting with students of St. Petersburg State Forestry Technical University at the end of January. Representatives of Trektorodetal Group, John Deere and Waratah acquainted future specialists with service department, as well as with logging and road-building John Deere machinery. It was a great start of dialogue between University and companies. 


Also great work is being done with Northern (Arctic) Federal University in Arkhangelsk. Cooperation began in 2012, and today Traktorodetal company was recognized as one of the best NArFU partners.

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Source: John Deere